Manufacturing Process 2

Manufacturing Process

We build to order your New Classic Mustang

Don’t risk buying someone else’s “project” with unproven design and quality.
You can select essentially all new components and Selectclassics will build for you with complete transparency

Our Manufacturing Process

Evaluate Donor Cars

Choose original 1970 1969 Vintage refurbished shell or start with brand new Shell

Body and Paint

Select whatever color you like although think you will like many of our standard configurations that give you a great look with well thought out look and features

The Finished Classic Mustang

The final outcome of New Classic Mustang. Ready for enjoying your ride on the classic muscle car that was essentially a “new” car.

Select Final Look

Exterior paint, interior, stance, engine, HVAC, leather, details etc.

Drive Train

This new one of a kind capability to deploy entire wiring harness, engine, transmission, dash, interior etc. of new Mustang is powerful. We also can just do Coyote swap or build our the old school components. We have done hundreds of builds and over 50 Mustangs

Our Manufacturing Process

Have a look at our manufacturing process (ie.,) Transforming a classic car to a brand new car.

Let’s make something together.

Rebuild your New Classic Mustang from a classic old car.
Interested in finding your own classic car as a brand new one, please get in touch..

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