Any way you analyze the New Classic Boss Mustang it is the best value, best utility, has original collectible VIN and original 1970 1969 body.

However, the NCBM is modern in drive train easy to service, get parts. You drive up to any Ford dealership and service most if not all of the car. Only thing no a new Mustang is the body and the suspension is all new modern rack and pinion, coil overs and rear 4 link from a Ford partner.

Imagine rolling up to car show and the astonishment of you Mustang friends that you have a Coyote powered original 1970 fasback Boss then they see the entire car from wiring harness, dash, power seats, exterior lighting etc. is all modern day Mustang. They fire it up with the custom exhaust and 6 speed and have some fun.

We believe the entire experience in this car is superior to a new Mustang. Seating position, handling, power to weight ratio yet the assurance you have a completely OEM engineered computer controlled vehicle

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