The Inside Out New Classic Mustang Fastback is HERE

The Restomod that checks all the boxes. Complete vintage body, all new modern internals from new Mustang GT or Shelby. Price starts under 95K a fraction of the “modern” rest-omod Mustang pricing that generally are over 200K and more.

See the near final pre-release New Classic Boss Mustang fireup


As Good as New

SC Boss C

“What if there was a classic muscle car that was essentially a “new” car you could drive like a new car and  even take to your local new car service department for assistance ?   
 It is here the “Inside Out” 1970 Boss Mustang

Colors, styling, trim all configurable but here displayed as a clone of the infamous Boss 429 Mustang in Grabber Blue”


  • Restored 1970 Mustang Fastback with original VIN or new 1970 Body with new VIN your choice
  • Entire power drive train Coyote engine, 6 speed, pedal box, drive shaft from modern Mustang
  • Entire wiring harness, dash, instrumentation, stereo 2014 Mustang
  • Ignition key just like modern new Mustang
  • Power leather seats connected to modern wiring harness
  • Custom AC/ heat system connected to modern wiring harness
  • Coil over, rack and pinion Heidt front suspension
  • 4 Link coil over Heidt rear
  • All exterior lights, wiper motor etc. connected into new Mustang wiring harness
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Rear iconic Mustang tail lights engineered with wiring harness and new Mustang LED sequential tail lights
  • Upgraded one piece ABS snape in headliner to enhance headroom interior in car

1970 and 1969 are our current models. In color scheme you like. Built to Order ! If interested in earlier model 67 68 Mustang let us know we are finalizing R&D for new models

Configure your Mustang

For more detailed configuration and to select your features for detailed price quote

New Coyote Complete Drive Train


All new restomod from new Mustang GT in a classic 1970 original VIN reconditioned with modern coil over, rack and pinnion 4 link suspension

Example final build photo or Grabber Blue Boss 429 Coyote. Note modern LED sequential tail lights engineered into original lenses

The Inside Out Restomod Mustang you have Wished For

Watch your build


We build these cars to order ! You can watch the build of your car in daily snapshots and videos!

Have your cake and eat it to. Authentic vintage STANG with complete modern internals

What Our Customers are Saying

Dr. Clax

I love my “Inside Out” restomod Boss 429 Coyote”

Dr. Kenk

“My hobby is having SelectClassics build these wonderful collectible classic but modern cars” On my 3rd build


“Team at SelectClassics always looking out for me.”

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